We Are An Enterprise Design Firm. We help Clients Start, Revive or Grow Their Businesses.

Our portfolio platforms are positioned to offer disruption in Export Facilitation, Retailing, Automation, Consumer Goods, Mentorship, Think Tank and Strategic Education.

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How To Start, Revive And Grow
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We offer consulting support across small, medium & large scale enterprise needs. FROM NEW VENTURE CREATION, FUND RAISING TO MARKET PENETRATION: WANT TO MAKE SENSE OF YOUR BUSINESS CHALLENGE AND GET RESULTS? Request For Your Free Consulting Session

6 Reasons
Why You Will Be Guaranteed
Peace of Mind When You Work With Us

Working with a firm that has a high-performance history is indispensable to finding the right solution and your peace of mind. Whether your objective is to raise $1.5 Billion like Aquitane Oil & Gas set out to do or build the capacity of cooperative societies as UNDP mandated, you are better off with us in the short or long run. 

Our experience and expertise have been applied across individual, small, medium & large enterprises with resounding results and billions of Naira generated.


MSMEs Served since 2012

Loan capital facilitated for SMEs from 2012 to 2021

32 business types developed across 14 Industries

Extended experience of 20 Years: working for private & public enterprises

In-house platforms that address market creation &
capacity challenges
Top 10*

Business Development Service Provider/ SME Consultant in Nigeria. *Number 1 in 2019

You Can Engage Our Services With Confidence
Because of Our Performance Record

Don't take our word for it

Tap Into Market Insight From Over 200 Feasibility Reports & Business Plans

32 Sectors & Industries Covered

1.Rice Milling & Processing, 2. Edible Oil Milling & Processing (Soybeans, Groundnuts), 3. Animal Feed Milling, 4. Cassava & Wheat Processing (Flour, Garri, Pasta & Noodles), 5. Quick Service Restaurant, 6. Gold Mining, 7. Barite Mining, 8. Polypropylene Woven Sack Production, 9. Auto Workshop, 10. Automobile Assembly, 11. Tissue Paper Production, 12. Water Bottling, 13. Medical Diagnostic Centre, 14. Full-Service Hospital 15. Energy Saving Bulb Manufacturing,

16. Cooking Gas Dispensing, 17. Meat Processing, 18. Pig Farming, 19. Fish Farming & Processing, 20. Poultry, 21. Garment Making, 22. Commercial Real Estate Development & Markets Management, 23. International E-Commerce & African Export Facilitation, 24. Quarry, 25. Brick Making & Concrete Products Manufacturing 26. Dredging/Sand Mining 27. Integrated Waste Management 28. TV Broadcasting, 29. Yam Flour Processing, 30. Bubble Wrap Packaging Production 31. Bakery 32. Power Generation

In Case You're Wondering

What an Enteprise Design Firm like ours do?

We can tell you, with all certainty, how we approach solutions to your business problems. But we can’t say the same for other agencies or firms. However, our service objective is to provide you with business growth strategies and assist in delivering and obtaining results. And we work with small, medium and large-scale enterprises.

A sneak peek at what we do includes the development of tools and roadmaps to instruct efficient management and organizational performance; We also design automated selling systems to enable businesses such as yours sell 24 hours a day, or design and deploy integrated marketing solutions or design products from conception to prototype and market testing; design brands from corporate identity to organic brand systems to allow businesses position better to grow market share or help business units develop proposals and fortify pitch teams to win jobs or develop business plans and financial models to provide a clearer path to cost effective and timely project delivery as well as facilitate loan capital at Development Finance Institutions such as Bank of Industry, technical audits and corporate advisory that sort of thing.

To borrow the definition of Enterprise Design Associates, we are all about the ‘’design of ambitious endeavours…bringing together all the elements needed to make an enterprise successfully deliver, using a holistic and systemic design approach’’. This is what we do.

If you can get a job with the MBA Sprint Certificate?

The MBA Sprint is an equivalent of an executive post-graduate degree but with muscles. If you have a graduate degree, adding the Master’s of Business Administration Sprint Series Gold Certificate to it greatly enhances your skill and confidence level and sets you apart to win big.

Whether you are Qualified for BOI Funding?

As long you are a Micro, Small, Medium or Large-Scale Enterprise, duly registered and operating in Nigeria, and capable of meeting Bank of Industry-Nigeria criteria for lending, you are eligible. However, BOI does not finance all types of businesses. Do endeavor to check in with us on the acceptability of your project-type before you mobilize resources to commence the process.

Whether we can work for your size of Business?

We accept only assignments that we possess the strategic resources to deliver on, motivate us and align with our corporate values. We jealously tick all 3 checks for projects from micro, small, medium or large enterprises before we accept to do your work.

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